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Reviews and Parent Testimonials 

"The Halifax Young Singers are the jewel in Calderdale's Cultural Crown" - Dr Simon Lindley


"The Halifax Young Singers won us over with their evident commitment and enjoyment. Every word was audible and their performance was disarmingly charming"


"Your communication of the joy of your music-making is so potent. It's all in your eyes"


"I am not easily impressed but I was very impressed on Saturday night. The Young Singers were super. Make sure you tell everyone in the choir."


"I went to three concerts last week, two by internationally famous musicians and the other by the Halifax Young Singers. I got the biggest buzz from the Young Singers performance"


"Byker Hill was the choral highlight of the day. Well sung. A fine programme sung with conviction and a real sense of enjoyment"


"The Young Singers showed their incredible skill in 'As Long as I Have Music' and 'One Voice' was sung superbly."


"Congratulations, you really choose ambitious, interesting and exciting programmes. Here we have a piece composed of traditional singing, vocal and body sound effects and how well you combine them to give a compelling and musical performance."


"What a pleasure to see so many young people enjoying their singing and entertaining very appreciative audiences."


"An outstanding performance of an outstanding piece"

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